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To Seal or Not to Seal?

Here at Korkan Granite we recommend you seal your granite or any natural stone product at least once a year. Korkan Granite uses a water-based sealer, which is really nice because it is user friendly. Anyone that can wipe a counter top can apply our sealer successfully!
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How Do I Care for my Granite Counter Top?

Care and maintenance for your granite counter top is easy: We recommend you seal it once a year with our easy-to-use water-based sealer. Daily maintenance involves wiping your countertops like you would any other countertop. EASY! You do not need any special cleaner. You can use liquid dish soap to disinfect and clean your tops…
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Maintenance and Care for Quartz Surfacing

Clean your quartz with water and liquid dish soap, such as Dawn. Keep harsher chemicals away from quartz, because they can damage the finish. Chemicals like bleach can permanently stain your quartz surface. Quartz is strong like a rock but you should not cut on it. Over time you might notice scratches where you have…
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